Prior to qualifying as a Shiatsu practitioner I worked in social housing with homeless and vulnerable people. I began my career working in a woman’s hostel and then moved into management of hostels and supported tenancys.


My interest in Shiatsu was sparked by the desire to offer effective support to people as they try to manage the pressures and stresses of work and home life. I have found for myself that Shiatsu is a way that I can connect with myself, to bring awareness to my needs and with that the ability to meet those needs.



I qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner in July 2005, my training was initially with the Eurpoean School of Shiatsu then I completed my training with the Liverpool school of Shiatsu.

In June 2007 I completed the post graduate diploma with the Shiatsu Collage and achieved MRSS registration with the Shiatsu Society.

Since then I have continued to be committed to my professional development by attending courses and workshops that increase my knowledge and hone my skills as a practitioner.



I began my Sei-ki journey nearly seven years ago after attending a course by the Shaitsu Collage teacher Paul Lundburg. This sparked my intrest in refining my touch and movements within a Shiatsu treatment to be more effective.

Paul then came back up north in 2017 to teach agian and this time I was sure this was the direction I wanted to go.

After that I became a student of Alice Whieldon who trained and worked with Akinobu Kishi the orginator of the Sei-ki approach to Shiatsu. I attend regular workshops with and recieve Sei-ki treamtents from Alice.



Bed (Hons) - University of the West of England (1992)

Masters in Womens Studies - Sheffield Hallum University (1996)

Certificate in Management Studies - Mancheter Metropolitan University (2001)

Diploma in Shiatsu - Liverpool School of Shiatsu (2005)

Postgraduate Diploma in Shiatsu - Shiatsu Collage (2007)

Samurai Shiatsu - taking Shiatsu into schools (2014)

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Diagnostics (2018)


I am currently studing for a Diploma in acupunture at the Shulan Collage, Manchester.



I have been a member of the Shiastu Society since 2003. I am registered as a teacher in training MRSS(t) and am part of the teaching team at Shaitsu Collage Manchester.