Sei-Ki is a style of working within the Shiatsu tradition.


Kishi Akinobu studied with Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of the Western style of Shiatsu that is taught in the UK. Kishi then developed Seiki, bringing aspects of spiritual practice and philosophy into the work.


It is the practice of non doing, being with the receiver in their experience of their body and life. It is about remembering who we are, expanding our awareness and sensitivity.


A Sei-ki treatment consists of correcting distortions within our energetic self, watching and responding to subtle almost invisible movements in the receivers breath and body. Then by connecting and responding to these movements resonance and change appears within the receiver.


I am a student of Alice Whieldon who trained and worked with Kishi for over ten years. Over the last year I have attended training and developed my Sei-ki practice.