What's in a treatment?


Each treatment is an hour long.


Shiatsu Sei-Ki is done on a futon on the floor, so please wear comfortable clothes. If you wear a lot of jewellery you may be asked to take it off before the session starts.



At the beginning of the treatment I will ask you a number of questions about your health and medical history. This is to inform me of any issues or problems that you have at present or in the past.


People come for Shiatsu for a variety of reasons from physical symptoms such as sore shoulders, back and neck ache, migraines and managing recurring illnesses.

I work with people at different stages of life, treatments help manage life and work stresses. It is relaxing and helps clients connect with themselves. Clients come for Shiatsu to support conception and pregnancy. Also those at the end of their fertility journey and the unintentionally childless, those at a junction in life where reflection and coming back to self is an important part of healing and moving forward.


I offer sessions during the week in Chorlton, South Manchester and on Saturdays at Bodywise in Manchester city centre.